This course is based on the VISTA with Point Clouds product. The course is aimed at new users of the LSS 3-D Vision™ Point Cloud Program. It covers importing of Point Cloud Data and digitising into LSS v10 with Searchphere™ within the Point Cloud and also in Slice Mode. Price £175 per person plus VAT.

Course content:

1.    Session 1

1.1    Using LSS 3D Vision to View an LSS Survey
1.2    Navigating in LSS 3D Vision
1.3    Opening an existing LSS Point Cloud
1.4    The LSS 3D Vision Layout
1.5    Creating a New Point Cloud Model in LSS 3D Vision
1.6    Summary of the Session
2.    Session 2

2.1    LSS 3D Vision General and Display Settings
2.2    LSS 3D Vision Filter Box
2.3    LSS 3D Vision Searchphere
2.4    LSS 3D Vision Colours and the Blend Command
2.5    Connecting LSS 3D Vision to LSS Version 10
2.6    LSS Version 10 – New Feature Command Layout
2.7    Digitising in LSS 3D Vision
2.8    Summary of the Session

3    Session 3

3.1    Adjusting Digitised Observations Using CAD-Pro
3.2    Adding Observations Using CAD-Pro
3.3    The Feature Quick Add link and Auto-Ortho Commands
3.4    Using the Slice Option in LSS 3D Vision
3.5    Working with Sections in LSS 3D Vision
3.6    Digitising from 3D Vision in Section or Slice Mode
3.7    Summary of the Session

4    Session 4

4.1    Digitising from 3D Vision in Section using the Link – Multi-Feature
4.2    Adding Point Cloud Data directly into an LSS Survey DTM
4.3    Using the LSS 3D Vision Slice Mode for Floor Plans
4.4    Digitising an Elevation Survey from LSS 3D Vision Point Cloud
4.5    Summary of the Session


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