We understand that choosing the right software isn’t just about price, but while we are on that subject we need to tell you about why we think LSS is the best value system on the market.

ESee how affordable LSS is from this graphver felt you were being taken advantage of?

Those of us in business know all too well that the cost of running it has ballooned in recent years. What with regulatory requirements such as professional indemnity, plus business insurance, rent, rates, staffing costs, telecomms, vehicles, travel etc. They have all gone up in price consistently, but have you managed to adjust your fees accordingly? From what we hear consultancy rates and daily fees have remained fairly static.

If you use a leading CAD product (you know which one) you will be aware that if you are currently on a Maintenance plan, as of May 2019 the annual renewal went up by a staggering 20% which, according to one of that particular company's 'Platinum' Partners, is "likely to continue thereafter". Those who already switched to a subscription plan will see 5% compound inflation every 2 years. 

It should be reassuring then that we have only ever reduced our product prices as you can see from the chart on the left. Don't get us wrong, we're making a decent living, which allows us to continue to invest heavily in the business by expanding our development team, but when you see some organisations taking advantage of their market position it does make you wonder where it's all going to end.


Okay, it’s not all about price is it?

If our uber-competitive prices don’t entice you enough, we can promise every user a level of support which aims to exceed their expectations. We write the software and you get to speak direct to us, not an agent. We won’t make you jump through hoops before you are put through to the right person and we always aim to respond to emails the same working day. In most cases you’ll get a response within the hour. We’ll provide support for multiple users even if your organisation only has one licence, that’s how helpful we are.

We’ve got several users who started using LSS over 30 years ago, so we can’t be doing things too badly can we?

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