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A powerful terrain modelling and survey processing application, LSS Solo is packed with functions you might expect from a much more expensive system.

LSS Solo is of particular value to the mobile surveyor wishing to download and process surveys when away from the office. As a front-end system to a full version of LSS or CAD package, Solo includes full DTM functionality (triangulation and contouring), graphical survey editing, traverse adjustment, CAD-Pro (Coordinate Geometry) and text handling. In addition, LSS Solo includes DXF, MX GENIO and LandXML export options. More than just a data processing system, Solo is a complete field solution for surveyors and engineers.

Please note that LSS Solo does not calculate volumes. For this you’d need LSS Vista or LSS Elite. Why not start with Solo and upgrade to a higher level of LSS for just the difference in annual fee.

All prices are for a 12 month licence and include technical support and software updates.

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Solo for Land Surveyors

  • Data transfer from EDM, GPS or datalogger – where possible this is done in the native format of the instrument.
  • Support for powerful on-site feature coding
  • Traverse calculation and adjustment, comprehensive survey control reporting and editing
  • Resections and radial offsets calculated
  • Building elevations
  • Interactive on-screen editing of points, features, text etc
  • Quality Assured CAD-Pro editing tools including intersections, squaring, offsets, generation of extra points along strings etc
  • User-definable features and symbols
  • Add one survey to another (useful if different survey teams are processing different parts of a survey)
  • Scale factors and model transformation (offset, rotation, re-scaling)

Powerful Terrain Modelling

  • Automatic formation of DTMs (Digital Terrain Models)
  • Dynamic contouring - automatic generation of contours at any interval, updated in parallel with changes to DTM
  • Interrogation of DTMs, including level interpolation, section profiles and distances between points/along features
  • Superimposition of up to 36 surveys on screen - to query points, distances and to check extents etc
  • Terrain, non-terrain and 2D feature manipulation
  • Bitmap image backdrop (i.e. orthophoto or raster map)
  • Application of surfaces to distinguish between surface types, e.g. tarmac, grass, water etc (all user-definable)
  • Calculation of slope and plan areas and perimeter lengths, broken down by surface types if required
  • Models of up to 4 million points
  • Powerful data thinning for importing larger datasets

Data Exchange

  • Import of user-defined XYZ data, LandXML, ESRII ASCII Grid and MX GENIO
  • Import survey equipment data in radial (angles and distance) or coordinates from Trimble, Leica Geosystems, Topcon, Sokkia, GeoMax
  • Export of data suitable for other systems, such as GENIO, DXF, LandXML and user-defined XYZ
  • Generate setting-out information including upload to survey instruments

Help and Support

  • Command sensitive on-screen help facility
  • Movie-style tutorials covering every command
  • Dedicated technical support line (NOT a premium rate service). Talk to a real person who knows their stuff!
  • Comprehensive training course diary
  • Automatic software updates

Flexible and Cost Effective

  • Compatible with all 32 and 64-bit Windows platforms from v7 onwards
  • USB Dongle protected for easy transfer between different computers
  • Can be installed on multiple computers
  • Single user system £250 per year. No hidden extras. No nasty surprises
  • Upgrade to LSS Vista for just the difference in annual fee (which we pro-rata if part-way through the year)
  • Thinking about training? Why not go for our Special Discounted Bundles of software and training?

Cost of 12 month licence (inc. technical support and software updates) £250 plus VAT - there is NO up-front purchase price.


Our software in use

Confused by the various products? Let us explain to you a few of the uses to which LSS is put and the likely products you might need.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but should give you an idea of how useful LSS could be to you.


Still unsure?

If you’re still not sure which product may be right for you then please download our Product Matrix or call us, we don’t bite.

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