Download the LSS Unity Plugin

To enable exported LSS3D files to be imported into Unity, you will need to download and install the LSS Unity Plugin.

Download LSS Unity Plugin 

The Plugin requires Unity version 2020.1.0f1 to be installed.

The LSS Unity Plugin is supplied entirely free, but without warranty as to its suitability for specific tasks. The Unity Plugin is currently no longer developed or supported. If in doubt, please speak to us before attempting to use the Unity Plugin.

Unity does not cost anything to download and use for personal use, for details about Unity’s other pricing subscription plans check HERE


We cover all the steps in our documentation from downloading Unity, exporting your LSS3D file from LSS v10, bringing your files into Unity, adding/changing how your survey should be finally presented.  If in doubt you can always give us a call and one of our Unity Developers will assist you with your project.

Within Unity you can take your survey model data and manipulate the visuals to how you want.

  • Point Codes - Add your own/purchased 3D models to your point code data with our LSS Unity Plugin:


  • Link Codes - You can also do the same with your LSS link code data:


  • Surface Codes - Make/buy download, use your own materials to apply convincing looking water (FREE from the Unity Asset Store), tarmac and more to your surface codes.  In the documentation we refer to how textures can be downloaded for FREE:


  • General Text - If your LSS survey model contains text you can alter its size, border, font, colour and more in the LSS Unity Plugin:


  • Post Processing - Change the way your project is presented in its final build:


  • Camera Data - Import and play your LSS camera animation data and/or view, navigate around your own survey:


  • Add Assets - Add your own 3D models/textures with the Unity asset store:


Save your Unity session, build it and send it on to anyone with a PC.  The end user does not require a copy of LSS or Unity to view and navigate through your survey models end result.


We cannot emphasise enough, but before you try to use the plugin, you must become familiar with what Unity can do and how to use it. You can view Unity tutorials here


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