free Windows application for importing Pointclouds and visualising them in 3D and slice. An LSS user can also supply an LSS DTM for display inside this app.

Non-LSS users can download and install LSS 3D Vision - our pointcloud program.

With this program you can, entirely free of charge, import point clouds in a variety of industry-standard data formats and view them in 3D. Also, if an LSS user has supplied you with one, you will also be able to view an LSS survey saved as an "LSS3D" file.

This program will only run on Microsoft Windows platforms
Your computer must have a graphics card capable of OpenGL version 4.0 or later (most PCs manufactured after 2010)
Please refer to Help within the program for advice and guidance
View this Tutorial for the full capabilities of 3D Vision, when connected to a suitable LSS licence

Non-LSS users can download and install LSS 3D Vision from our downloads page as part of the LSS V10 Install, please follow the link below:

To run LSS 3D Vision as a non-LSS user please double click the LSS 3D Vision icon on your Desktop.

If you are an LSS user you do not need to download this program. It was installed with LSS v10.


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