Calculating Volumes

For over thirty years LSS has had the enviable reputation of being a trusted and reliable volume calculation system. It is relied upon by some of the largest Civil Engineering contractors, quarry operators and consultants in the UK and overseas, so this reputation is backed-up by many hundreds if not thousands of users worldwide who rely upon its results.

At the heart of LSS is a super quick terrain modelling engine which automatically generates a triangle-based Digital terrain Model (DTM) as soon as data is imported. It automatically creates breaklines from imported lines and contours can be displayed at any interval. The DTM is dynamic, which means that points and lines may be added or amended and the DTM will re-form in real time. There is in fact no 'Model Now' button in LSS because it updates the triagulation in real time and without any user intervention.

Volumes are based upon the comparison between any two LSS DTMs. It creates a network of 3D prisms which fill the void between the two DTMs, thus accounting for every subtle undulation in each model. This 'prismoidal' volume technique has become the de-facto standard, but it is always worth checking the method used by any system you may be comparing LSS against. LSS users do not have to negotiate on volumes because if the data is correct, so will be the volumes.


Super fast DTM creation of up to 4.08 million points per model
Realtime editing of the DTM
Contours at any interval, displayed realtime, rather than having to be 'strung' through the model
Parts of the DTM broken down by surface features for area and volume reporting (tarmac, concrete, grass etc)
Volumes by prismoidal method between two DTMs and optionally with reference to a third DTM
Surface depths applied for calculation of formation levels
Volumes broken down by 'zones', such as phases of work or areas of contamination, or cost of extraction
Cut volumes reported in columns or layers
Overall volumes can be reported by altitude bands
Also, volumes by cross section using Simpson's end-area Method

Recommended products for this work: LSS Vista or LSS Elite

We've produced a movie tutorial to explain the various volume calculation tools


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