LSS for the Land Surveyor

Whether you use EDM, GPS, Laser Scanners or Drones to collect your land survey data, LSS has a solution for you. If you're producing a topographical survey then your client will probably want a CAD drawing with 3D lines, annotation and contours. They may want a building elevation, or building survey undertaking, but almost always the deliverable is the same. The key to success is how quickly and efficiently you can get from raw survey data to that finished drawing.

For EDM and GPS users our entry-level LSS Solo product should provide all the capabilities that you'll need. Load a codelist on the logger, code in the field as you go and when you download the data LSS will turn all those points into recognisable symbols and line types. What's more it will automatically model the survey and produce controus at any interval you require. Traverse adjustment is part of the package, as is a suite of powerful 'CAD-Pro' editing tools for intersecting lines, squaring off features and creating new detail from existing points and lines. Quality-assured throughout, everything you do in the system is subject to constant checks to keep you on the straight and narrow.

For those using scanners and drones, creating a terrain model and linework from huge quantities of data can be a challenge, but with our LSS Vista Point Cloud and LSS Elite Point Cloud products, we make it simple and quick.

People and LSS

Bill is a Land Surveyor running his own business. He has one survey instrument and needs to be able to download survey data, process contoured topographical surveys and building elevations and create AutoCAD files for his clients. He may want to do some setting-out, but doesn’t need to plot sections and calculate volumes, at least straight away.
One copy of LSS Solo should do the trick. He can install LSS on his home computer and also on his laptop, so as long as he has the dongle with him he can run LSS. £250 a year gives him technical support and updates to the software.

After a couple of months he decides that he could do with the ability to calculate volumes and draw sections (profiles) and thinks he is in with a chance of winning some work for an environmental consultant, so the ability to create ISIS and HEC-RAS data will come in handy. He’d also like to be able to view his surveys in 3D so he can show the client his site as a fly-through. He’ll need LSS Vista for this, so we need to calculate the upgrade cost. The full year difference between Solo and Vista is £250, but because we’re two months into the licence year the difference will be £210. A quick phone call and we can have his dongle updated to Vista within minutes. There’s no extra software or hardware required.


"As an LSS user of over 25 years, I can safely say that this software has successfully evolved to suit the needs of quality oriented modern survey practices.  Over these years, the customer support and cooperation for LSS has been exemplary.  Also, McCarthy Taylor have always been receptive to discussing, assessing and developing new features that help improve the software for their users.  LSS 3D Vision is a good example of LSS software development and Terra Measurement Ltd use this to produce several deliverables and solutions from point cloud data." Andy – Terra Measurement

"I have been using LSS for nearly a decade and have found it to be far and away the best package on the market for processing topo surveys, sections and calculating volumes etc.
LSS is an essential part of our workflow as it has all the tools Surveyors need to easily process raw field data into polished output ready for the client.
The McCarthy Taylor team are great with excellent technical support just a phone call or email away."
– Justin - Co-Surveys Ltd

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