Problems installing or using the dongle?

If you're encountering problems either installing or using the dongle then you've come to the right place.

Having trouble installing the dongle drivers?

If you have tried to run the dongle driver install and have encountered an error, such as 'Decompression', 'IKernel' or 'Access Violation' it may be that your IT security is preventing the driver install program from running. If this is the case try the following solution. Click on the button below and save the zip file to a folder on your computer. Unzip the contents and then right mouse over the 'Setup.exe' file and select 'Run as Administrator'. If this doesn't solve the issue then please contact us.

Use this if you're installing the client drivers
Use this if you're installing the server drivers





Getting a 'dongle not found' message when running LSS?

If you have just installed LSS and are experiencing problems accessing the dongle please call us. There is usually a simple explanation and the solution should be quick and straightforward.

The top reasons why you might get a 'Dongle Not Found' message are...

The dongle isn't connected to your computer
You plugged the dongle into your computer before installing the dongle drivers [*]
You didn't install the dongle drivers
The first time you connected the dongle to your USB port you didn't complete the 'Found New Hardware Wizard', so the drivers are not now installed correctly

[*] If you connected the dongle before installing the drivers then you will need to go into your computer's 'Control Panel / Device Manager' and 'right click / Uninstall' the device. Then unplug the dongle, wait a few seconds and then plug it back in (preferably in a different USB port). Wait a few seconds and a Deskey Icon will appear in Device Manager to indicate that the dongle has been recognised and is now working. If LSS still does not run then please follow the steps below.

We can usually sort dongle problems out over the phone, but sometimes we need to put you in touch with Data Encryption Systems, the manufacturers of the dongle, to help sort it out, or even send you a replacement dongle.

If we feel it necessary for you to run more diagnostics tests we may ask you to run a diagnostics program on the LSS installation drive (also downloadable below) which, when run, reports the configuration of your computer. Armed with this file, Data Encryption Systems will be able to work out why the dongle has not been found. If, when you call us you are requested to run the 'DESDIAG' program, this is the one you'll need. Click on the link and 'save' onto your computer. Unzip it and run the program desdiag.exe. When you have run the program it will have created a desdiag.log file. Please email this to . This will raise an 'e-support ticket' and it will either be followed-up by the manufacturers themselves or us. If you hear nothing or do not receive a confirmatory email please contact us direct.


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