Networking Options

If you only intend using LSS on one computer or are happy moving the dongle between computers whenever you want to use it elsewhere then you don't need to know what follows.


However, it is vital to note that LSS can be installed on as many computers as you wish. There is no copy protection on our program, you'll just need to have the dongle available in order to run LSS.


'Sharing' LSS

If you want to give access to LSS to other people within your organisation you have two choices. You can either give them the LSS dongle and they can plug it into their computer, or you can connect the dongle to any Windows computer on your network and allow them access to it across the network. That computer doesn't need to have LSS installed, but if it doesn't then you'll need to install the dongle server software. The standard LSS dongle will allow one person to use LSS at any one time. We term this 'single concurrent use'.

Networking LSS

If you need to give more people access to LSS at the same time then you can have a multi-user dongle or simply buy more dongles. When considering multi-user dongles you need to be aware that we cannot mix different LSS products on the same dongle. They must all be either LSS Vista or LSS Elite. We do not offer multiple-user LSS Solo systems. So, if you need to mix different LSS products they will need to be on different dongles (and different computers).
Every LSS installation is of the complete program. The dongle controls which product you will see when you run LSS.

Sharing LSS across the Internet

It is possible to place the LSS dongle on a server and via a fixed IP address, or DNS, access that dongle from any Internet-connected Windows PC which has LSS and the dongle drivers installed. This configuration is a convenient solution for mobile users who need to share their dongle with others, but rarely get the chance to physically swap the dongle. To restrict who has access to the dongle you will set up usernames and passwords for everyone who is allowed to use it.

Click below to download a PDF document which explains how to network the LSS dongle


Please note: The LSS dongle cannot be connected to a NAS drive. The computer must be a Windows computer.

If you would like any further information on the various network configurations please contact us.


BT LogoUsing a BT hub?

 Please follow this link to the BT Help pages:

The DK2 Network server needs port 3029 on TCP & UDP to be open.

Using an EE Smart hub?

The following guide for EE Smart hubs shows the steps needed depending on which hub they have :

The DK2 Network server needs port 3029 on TCP & UDP to be open.

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