LSS for Land Surveyors

Course Duration: 1 day
Cost: £175 plus VAT per person (discounts available for multiple places and bundles)

This course is specifically targeted at Geomaticians and builds on the foundations of the Introduction to LSS course.
The course is based on LSS Solo and there is no practical survey element.
It covers the concepts of transferring codelists to survey loggers; downloading and quality checking survey data and overcoming control tolerance issues.
It looks at feature coding for topographical and elevation surveys, adding and amending control observations and Bowditch traverse adjustment. 
The desktop exercises include survey editing and annotations; Understanding LSS Overlays, amending observation levels, CAD-Pro work. 
Transformation of the adjusted local grid survey to National Grid with an overview of scale factors. 

Course content:

1.    Session 1

1.1    Copying the LSS Code list onto Survey Dataloggers
1.2    Configuring LSS for Survey Dataloggers
1.3    Downloading and Converting Survey Data
1.4    Input Load and Understanding the Load File format
1.5    Quality Assurance During the Data Load
1.6    Tidying up Crossing Links
1.7    Summary of the Session
2.    Session 2

2.1    Feature Coding – LSS String Coding
2.2    Feature Coding – LSS Reserved Codes
2.3    Creating a Survey for GPS Survey Data
2.4    Loading, Editing and Adding Annotation
2.5    Building Elevations
2.6    Summary of the Session 

3    Session 3

3.1    Surveying Related Query Commands
3.2    Surveying Related Report Commands
3.3    The Control Commands for Survey Control
3.4    Control - Survey Traverse Adjustment
3.5    Control – Add / Amend Stations and Amend Set-ups
3.6    Amending Survey Observations
3.7    Summary of the Session

4    Session 4

4.1    Terrain and Non-Terrain Overlays
4.2    Amending Observations – Observations Levels
4.3    Amending Observations with CAD-Pro Commands
4.4    Adding Features with the CAD-Pro Commands
4.5    Survey Transformation
4.6    Adding Survey Station Text
4.7    Exporting Data to Survey Dataloggers
4.8    Summary of the Session

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