Bespoke training

This course is based on any level of LSS (LSS Solo, LSS Vista or LSS Elite). It is particularly suited to organisations who have a specific set of requirements and feel that one of our 'off-the-shelf' courses may not quite fit the bill. The advantage of our Bespoke course is that you can train up to 5 people for £750 plus VAT. Additional costs (travel and subsistence) will be charged if we come to you to do the training and will be included in any quote you receive from us. Each additional trainee will be charged at £100 per person per day up to a maximum agreed by us at the time of booking.

Course Duration:

Minimum of 1 day.

Intended for:

Organisations who need to train a group of people and who have specific and quite focussed tasks they wish to undertake with LSS. Each bespoke course is unique but comprises modules from our other training courses.

Course Content:

By arrangement.

Client to provide a written summary of aims / subjects to be covered and a brief synopsis of each trainee. This allows training to be tailored to their experience.

Client to provide relevant data (and explanations) with which trainees are familiar one week before the course.
What next?

Due to their nature, Bespoke courses cannot be booked online as we need to factor in the course content, where it is going to be held and various other things. So, if you would like a no-obligation chat about your requirements then please call and ask to speak to either David or Duane on 01452 864244, email or contact us via our contact form which can be accessed from the top bar on this site.

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