LSS Advanced

Course Duration: 1 day
Cost: £175 plus VAT per person (discounts available for multiple places and bundles)

Based on LSS Elite and intended for experienced LSS users who have attended the LSS Intermediate Course wishing to learn about advanced design, volumes and terrain manipulation.
The course covers importing gridded dataset; setting a background drape; sidewall, longitudinal and template design; Advanced volumes;
Restoration modelling; Isopachyte modelling; adjusting DTM for settlement or required volume; Designing platform at a balanced cut/fill level; surface depths.

Course content:

1.    Session 1

1.1    Importing Gridded X, Y, Z Data
1.2    Setting up a Background Drape
1.3    Designing an Excavation – Simple Slope
1.4    Designing an Excavation – Benched Slope
1.5    Adding Surfaces to the Excavation
1.6    Summary of the Session
2.    Session 2

2.1    Computing a Volume for the Excavation
2.2    Advanced Volumes
2.3    Merging the Design Model into the surrounding DTM
2.4    Designing with Longitudinal Gradient
2.5    Creating the Full Access Ramp
2.6    Merging the Ramp into the Composite Model
2.7    Examples of some other Access Ramp Settings
2.8    Designing a Gradient by a Projecting Plane
2.9    Summary of the Session

3    Session 3

3.1    Designing a Slope with the Force Up / Down Command
3.2    Designing Contours for a Restoration Scheme
3.3    Creating a Level Difference or Isopachyte or Model
3.4    Designing a Pre-settlement Model
3.5    Changing a DTM to match a required Volume
3.6    Summary of the Session

4    Session 4

4.1    Designing a Level Platform at a Datum for Balanced Cut / Fill
4.2    Finding the Cut / Fill Boundary
4.3    Designing Side Slopes using a Design Template
4.4    Designing a Screening Bund with a Design Template
4.5    Finding the Zero Isopachyte Line to Form a Boundary
4.6    Summary of the Session

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