LSS Elite

LSS Elite is the top of the range system boasting advanced terrain feature design by use of templates and slope generation and extremely comprehensive volume calculations. For earthworks calculations, the cut/fill line may be generated as can isopachytes. A powerful landform merge function allows levels in one DTM to be added or subtracted from another. LSS Elite also has tools to calculate concrete floor compliance and road planing quantities. Finally, for those interested in calculating the visual impact of a development, LSS Elite is able to calculate ZVIs / ZTVs (Zones of Visual Influence and Intrusion) and perform Line of Sight analyses.

Everything in LSS Vista, plus the following facilities

3D visualisation of a quarry
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  • Advanced terrain design employing user defined shapes or 'templates' eg for slopes, embankments, opencast mines, quarries etc
  • Extremely comprehensive volume calculation facilities, including breakdown by surface type, zones, cut depths etc
  • Volumes above and below a third model, datum or tilted planeComplex Volumes calculated in LSS Elite
  • Output of cut/fill intersection lines and 'depth' lines
  • Generation of isopachytes
  • Calculation of Overburden Ratio
  • Addition/subtraction of levels in one DTM to/from another including multiplication (for pre- and post-settlement calculations, merging data where only higher or lower than existing, bulking factors etc.)
  • Zones of Visual Influence and Intrusion (ZVIs and ZTVs)
  • Line of Sight (Viewshed Analysis)Line of sight and ZVI Analysis
  • Visibility profile for determining maximum permissible development heights (constraints)
  • Floor Level Assessment - testing for surfaces which are beyond tolerance in level, thickness or smoothness (The Concrete Society NSCS Standards 2004)Concrete Floor Assessment
  • Planing Depth calculations of use for those reprofiling roads and runways

Cost of 12 month licence (inc. technical support and software updates) £750 plus VAT - there is NO up-front purchase price.


Additional licences on the same dongle £500 each per year. You will be given the opportunity to select multiple licences when you select the product

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Confused by the various products? Let us explain to you a few of the uses to which LSS is put and the likely products you might need. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but should give you an idea of how useful LSS could be to you.

LSS in use

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