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Our Unity Plugin to transform LSS 3D Models into virtual worlds, compatible with Web-based viewing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Unity is a games-development system and we have developed a plugin which sits inside Unity and provides the LSS user with a powerful interface for importing their 3D models, points, links, surfaces, text and photo backdrops. Once inside Unity it is then possible to drop in 3D objects, add animation and environment variables and publish the result to a wide range of different viewing platforms, including WebGL, Standalone PC,  Android, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Hololens etc.

However, while most users won’t have the time or resources to generate photo-realistic animations, what many will want is to hold up their phone or tablet and see their proposed development superimposed on the real world view through the device’s camera (that’s Augmented/Mixed Reality).

Here’s a video of what we’ve done so far. The video below was generated real-time. It’s not a stop-motion animation.


This plugin is supplied as a 12 month licence and includes updates. Each licence entitles the user to run the software on one Windows computer. It is not dependent on a pre-existing LSS installation and uses a software licence, not a dongle. The cost is £250 a year per licence.

Unity requirements

We have prodced a Unity Plugin, which means that you will need to register and download the Unity software from You can try Unity out for free and if you are using it as a non-commercial orgaisation or have a turnover of less than Euros100k a year then it is free. However, if you are a larger organisation then a Unity licence costs around Euros125 a month (that’s on top of the LSS Unity Plugin cost of £250 per year). If you are looking to produce photorealistic 3D environments in Unity then you will undoubtedly want to purchase ‘Assets’ from the Unity Asset Store. Examples of assets are: weather, vegetation, vehicles, construction materials etc.

Computer requirements

Please refer to our page on computer specification HERE 

Data requirements

The LSS Unity plugin is designed to read data exported from LSS (containing points, links, surfaces, triangles, contours, text and aerial draped images). To generate these files your organisation will need at least one licence of LSS Vista Point Clouds.


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