Land Survey (Geomatics)

Surveyors at work in the field

LSS will enable the user to download raw radial or XYZ survey data direct from most instruments or loggers in their native data format. In addition, a growing number of instrument manufacturers are now able to offer an LSS formatted output direct from the instrument or logger. In those situations where a download option is not available, but where XYZ data is being imported, LSS contains a user-definable ASCII XYZ data file import facility, which will handle most combinations of data.

A topographic survey in LSS

During the download process LSS will offer to convert feature codes 'on-the-fly' if those logged in the field are not compatible with LSS.

We have produced a document which explains how, by coding strings on the survey instrument can drastically reduce editing time back in the office and also strengthen Quality Assurance. String Coding

LSS Solo is the product targetted at the Land Survey market. It will download survey data (radial observations and coordinates), automatically produce fully-editable contoured DTM, calculate and adjust a traverse, allow full line and point feature creation and editing, allow surface coding (shading and hatching), automatic and user-controlled levels positioning, text annotation, on-screen cross section query, area calculations, Coordinate Geometry options, full QA reporting and export to MOSS or AutoCAD. And for selected survey instruments - upload of data for setting-out.

A building elevation example
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For plan and section plotting, volumes, digitising, design, 3D views etc. you can upgrade at any time to a higher level of LSS for simply the difference in annual fee (with a pro-rata reduction for upgrades part-way through the year).


Flexibility and diversification are the watchwords of many of the leading land survey practices. It is those who choose to offer their clients a wide range of services who seem to be the most successful. LSS allows the land surveyor to offer building elevations, 3D visualisations and virtual tours, flood assessment through the 'Ponding Extents' command, floor level and smoothness analysis, visual impact analysis, volumes, sections and a whole lot more.

COuntry park visualised in LSS 3D Vantage
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